Custom Jewelry

Customized Jewelry is a great opportunity for you to participate in the creative process, combining your ideas and mine to make something entirely new and unique. If you have recycled or found objects or vacation mementos such as poker chips, bottle caps, key chains, shells, subway tokens, sea glass, or metro cards that you’d like to turn into jewelry, I would love to help. This is a fun way to remember trips or events and can be really great gifts for family and friends that shared the experience with you.

One of my newest passions is working with old broken jewelry that has lost its value, turning it into new current fashions like charm bracelets and necklaces or making clip-ons into pierced earrings. This is a nice process because it commemorates the past and gives it new meaning in the present.

If you have a business or an event that you want to publicize or celebrate I can use your logo or promotional materials to create jewelry for a fun and stylish way to spread the news.

If there are earrings on this website that you would like to order in a smaller size or different color let me know so that I can accommodate you if possible.