Ear Candie provides a colorful fun way to express yourself through recycled objects, found objects and everything else that inspires me!

Earrings can make any old outfit feel brand new. These earrings provide an easy affordable, playful, fun way to spice up office attire or make uniforms and dress codes fun and they are always good for color coordinating. These earrings are instant outfit completers, but they come with a warning. Because these earrings are so unique and sometimes outrageous no one will ever notice anything else. So if people are staring or aren’t listening to you it is most likely that they are caught up in admiring your Ear Candie. While there are a variety of different shapes and sizes of earrings on this website I try to accommodate those who are looking for big, oversized earrings. My earrings have been referred to as wearable art. They are my creative outlet for the everyday.


I started making earrings when I was a little girl. I still have the first pair of clip-ons I made, but they aren’t pretty; however, my first pairs of pierced earrings I still have and still wear on occasion.

My name is Gwynne and I wanted to provide a bit of history on the journey that has brought me to where I am now with this website and the company’s new name Ear Candie and why I started this business under the name Trash Talk’n Earrings.

Though I have made jewelry most of my life I had stopped making earrings out of beads and clay because I was drawn to a new material while working at a coffee shop. I hated that they didn’t recycle and threw away all the milk jugs. So when efforts to organize a recycle program were unsuccessful, I tried to do my part by making earrings out of the milk caps. They were green and blue. The green caps were 2% and the blue caps were Fat Free. They were big and colorful and I had an unlimited supply. I liked that they even had a message/status “today I am feeling great. I feel fat free” or “today I feel okay like 2%.”

So I started looking for materials that I could find an abundance of that would otherwise be discarded so that my earrings could be really fun and affordable. I used bread tabs and buttons and an incomplete magnetic poetry set to make another series of earrings. At that point all my earrings had messages and were mostly made of trash. That’s how I decided to call them Trash Talkin’ Earrings because that is what they were! Not to mention they were loud and big for their time.

I still make earrings from recycled objects, found objects and much more! Now I am mainly drawn to bigger shinier more colorful things and I like to think of them as Ear Candie and hope that this website will make you feel like a kid in a candy store and that you will want them all!